Facing the darker aspects of myself

Shadow work isn’t something I’ve delved into before. In fact, I avoided it because I already had so much darkness via bipolar disorder and PTSD that I didn’t need to dig up more negativity. I wasn’t ready.

Husband says things that make me mad, that crawl under my skin, that…

I avoided writing because I was also avoiding the truth. I’m trying to keep my head above water, to take the high road and vibrate at a loving frequency, but I’m feeling challenged. There’s a ton of resistence — mostly in my marriage. I’m pretty sure its on its last…

Life Demands that You Show Up in Different Form

Everything fell apart for about a year. Husband and I were constantly fighting about living in a mixed home and how we raise his son as part of our family style here. My job tanked. Working for my family has a certain element of intrigue to it, but intrigue doesn’t…

Tears fall like the morning rain — soft, misty — born of dark, bloated clouds that couldn’t take the strain anymore.

The sky isn’t ripping open with thunder and lightning; it’s a drizzle — a gentle release to ease the pressure.

I’m not going to fight them this time. I’m…

What’s your story?

Story. That’s all anything is. What everything is. Nothing exists without it. We are a collection of stories, and the way we tell them to ourselves and others determines what comes next.

What comes next?

I needed to cry. It wasn’t a big cry; more of an eye-watering whimpering and…

How a dream altered my destiny

Strings of beads stretched from the top of the doorframe all the way to the floor, swaying lightly under the cool flow of the air conditioning vent. Cross-legged, I sat on the floor, disheartened.

In my cupped hands lay two pieces of one rose quartz heart. I don’t know how…

Natasha Hawthorn

Copywriter by trade; storyteller by nature. For fun, I like to evolve.

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